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Kukhuri Kaa… Nepali Nursery Rhyme

Khukhuri Kaa… This is one of the most popular Nepali Nursery Rhyme. It talks about a rooster, cow, cat, mouse, rice and river. Khukhuri kaan Basi Bhat Khaan “Khoi Mero Basi Bhat ?” “Biralo le khayo ” “Khoi Biralo?” “Musa Marna Gayo.” “Khoi Muso?” “Dulo Bhitra Pasyo.” “Khoi Dulo?” “Gai le Kulchhyo.” “Khoi Gaai?” “Kholale […]

Parent’s Day and Open House

The parent’s day and open house was held successfully on June 27, 2010. A presentation by Dhruba Tripathi [book id=’5′ /] Nepali song by Level 1 students