Kukhuri Kaa… Nepali Nursery Rhyme

Khukhuri Kaa…

This is one of the most popular Nepali Nursery Rhyme. It talks about a rooster, cow, cat, mouse, rice and river.

Khukhuri kaan
Basi Bhat Khaan

“Khoi Mero Basi Bhat ?”
“Biralo le khayo ”

“Khoi Biralo?”
“Musa Marna Gayo.”

“Khoi Muso?”
“Dulo Bhitra Pasyo.”

“Khoi Dulo?”
“Gai le Kulchhyo.”

“Khoi Gaai?”
“Kholale Bagayo.”

“Khoi Kholo?”

English Translation of the rhyme :

I want to eat the rice

Where is my rice?
Pussy cat ate it.

Where is the pussy cat?
He went to hunt the mice

Where is the mice?
It went into the hole

Where is the hole?
The cow stepped on it.

Where is the cow?
The river washed it away.

Where is the river?
It just dried up!

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