National Anthem of Nepal, Sayaun Thunga Phool Ka

The new National Anthem of Nepal was adopted on August 3, 2007. The anthem is made on the lyrics written by Byakul Maila (Pradeep Kumar Rai) and music of Ambar Gurung.

national anthem of nepal

English Translation of the National Anthem :

This is unofficial translation prepared for This translation is written such that is can be sung in the original tune.

Woven from hundred flowers, we are garland Nepali
Sovereignly extended from Mechi to Mahakali
Millions of natural beauties, history like a shawl
bloods of the braves makes it free and immotile

Land of peace, knowledge in the plains, hills and mountains
One-piece beloved country, motherland Nepal
races, languages, religions, cultures in-credible
Progressive our nation, I salute Nepal-aa !

Nepali rastriya gaan (romanized Nepali)

Sayaun thunga phoolka haami, eutaai maala Nepali
Saarbhabhaum bhai phailiyeka, Mechi-Mahaakaali
Sayaun thunga phoolka haami, eutai maala Nepali
Saarbhabhaum bhai phailiyekaa, Mechi-Mahaakaali

Prakritikaa koti-koti sampadaako aanchala
bir haruko ragaatale, swatantra ra aatala

Gyanabhumi, shaantibhumi, taarai, paahad, himaala
Akhanda yo pyaro hamro, maatribhumi Nepala

Bahul jati, bhasha, dharma, sanskriti chhan bishaala
Agragami rastra hamro, jaya jaya Nepalaaa


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