Nepali classes

Because of a small number of population speaking Nepali language out of Nepal, it is the responsibility of the parents to teach it to their children. The language out of home, school and work is usually different from the mother tongue. The places where the population of Nepali are more, the parents have joined their hands to form and run schools for their children. In some places the local governments also help in the initiative, in other places they are run by parent volunteers. Here are some of such schools run in different part of the world. If you know of Nepali schools in your area please comment so that I can add the link to the school. Thank you.


Sabdmala Nepali Language school

Peterborough Nepali Society in the UK – news


Boston Summer Nepali Classes

Nebraska Nepali class Baalkaryakram – contact

Nepali classes in Canada:

In Calgary:

CNCA Nepali School

Nepali Pathshala

In Edmonton:

Nepali School

Gurukul Edmonton

In Ottawa:

NCAO Nepali School

Some articles of interest:

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