Shivaratri, The day of Shiva

Feb 28, 2022 is Shiva Ratri in Nepal, the festival of Shiva. The night of Shiva Ratri or Mahashivaratri, is celebrated as the day of Shiva and devotees stay up all night outside around fire. In Kathmandu, Pashupati temple is filled with people from all over Nepal and foreign countries. Shiva is considered half-male and

Valentine’s Day and Matina Paru, Love festivals

Matina Paru is a Newah festival celebrated in Nepal, specially in Kathmandu Valley. The name of the festival means Matina = Love and Paru = Pratipada (the first day of lunar waning cycle). The festival is celebrated by youths on the day after Yomari Purnima. The Western version of Matina Paru is the Valentine’s Day.

Shahid Diwas of Nepal

This year, January 30, 2022 (Magh 16 every year) is the Martyr Day in Nepal. The day marks the first four martyrs during the Rana regime, some 80 years ago. At that time, four youth were given capital punishment by then government. 4 Martyrs martyred in 1941 — represented in the Shahid Gate Shukraraj Shastri