Dashain Blessings – Male Version & Female Version

It is Dashain time in Nepal. This is a very elaborate festival in which elders offer Tika and Jamara to their younger ones. The most important part is the blessing. There are two types of blessings given in Dashain. One for male and another for female.

These blessings differ from person to person. I am going to talk about two of the most common Sanskrit Blessings It should be noted: There Sanskrit blessings are only recommended, not required. They are preferred because they mean a lot in a few sentences and people love when they are offered these blessing.

Why? well, the meaning is the reason:

Aayu Drona Sutey, Shriyam Dasharathey, Shatrukhsyayam Raghavey
Aishyarwam Nahushe, Gatishcha Pawane, Manam cha Duryodhane.
Shaurya Shantanawe, Balam Haladharey, Satyam cha Kuntisutey
Bigyanam Bidure, Bhawanti Bhawatam, Keertishcha Narayane.

There are 11 wishes in this 4 line verse:

The first line has three blessings:
Aayu Drona Sutey – May you have the age of Drona’s son (Drona’s son Ashwatthama is believed to live forever (or thousands of years)
Shreeyam Dasharathey – May you be blessed like Dasharath – Dashrath was the father of Lord Rama
Shatrukhsyayam Raghavey – May your enemies disappear like those of Rama

The second line has three more blessings
Aishyarwam Nahushe – May you get the wealth of King Nahush (Nahush was the king of both the earth and the heaven)
Gatishcha Pawane – May your speed be like that of the wind.
Manam cha Duryodhane – May you get the honor the likes of Duryodhan

The third line also has three more blessings
Shaurya Shantanawe – may you be as kind as Surya’s son (Karna is known to be very kind and easily give away everything)
Balam Haladharey – May you be as strong as Balaram with the plow (Krishna’s elder brother)
Satyam cha Kuntisutey – May you speak truth like that of Kunti’s sons

The fourth line has two blessings
Bigyanam Bidure, Bhawanti Bhawatam – May you be as knowledgeable as that of Bidur and understand all Shastra
Keertishcha Narayane – May you be as renowned as Narayana (Lord Vishnu)

That is the meaning of the blessings given to male during Dashain Tika. Interesting fact is that nobody knows who wrote that shloka and it has been going around orally. Now, for female, the blessing is very simple. It is just the name of goddesses:

Jayanti Mangala Kali Bhadrakali Kapalini.
Durga Kshyama Shiwa Dhatri Shwaha Swadhaa Namostute.

That means: my Namaskar to you known as the Goddess Jayanti, Goddess Mangala, Goddess Kali, Goddess Bhadrakali, Goddess Kapalani, Goddess Durga, Goddess Kshyama, Goddess Shiwa, Goddess Dhartri, Goddess Shwaha, and Goddess Swadha.

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