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Love Story of Parijat Tree and Sun

There is an ancient story about the love between the Sun and Parijat flower. Plants love the sunlight, they thrive in sunlight. In thick forests, tall trees survive because of the sunlight they get and shorter ones don’t. Chlorophyll in the leaf use light to produce the essentials. Here is the story: The story is

Sishir Basanta Ko Katha

Full story in Nepali Told by Sashai Guragain: English translation of the story : Once upon a time, there was a kingdom ruled by a brave King who had two lovely sons. The eldest son was named Sishir and the younger son was named Basanta. Both the King and the Queen were loved by the

Nepali Story – Chhattu Shyal (Video & PDF)

A story about Jackal is written by Mandira Madhushree. The Level 4 book is produced by The Asia Foundation – Let’s Read. The Illustrator is Alina Chyantel. This is a story of Chhattu who tries to steal food from people. A couple try to teach Chhattu lesson by punishing him for his crime. It is

Rajkumar Dikpal ko Katha (Story of Prince Dikpal)

This is a very ancient Nepali story written by Bodh Bikram Adhikari. Adhikari had collected very interesting folk tales from Nepal in the 1950s. A book titled ‘Nepali Dantya Katha’ is still one of the most popular stories in Nepal. One of the most popular stories from the book was the story of Prince Dikpal.