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National Anthem of Nepal, Sayaun Thunga Phool Ka

The new National Anthem of Nepal was adopted on August 3, 2007. The anthem is made on the lyrics written by Byakul Maila (Pradeep Kumar Rai) and music of Ambar Gurung.

Dashain Aayo, Nepali children song (nursery rhyme)

Dashain is the biggest festival in Nepal. The school kids in Nepal get a month-long vacation during the festival. The government offices also close for a week during the festival. In the festival, a typical nursery rhyme adults tell their kids is as follows : Pinky finger (little finger) is very excited about the upcoming […]

Myau Myau Biralo – Cat Nursery Rhyme

Nepali nursery rhyme of cat: Myau myau biralo yeta tira aau Mero nana kati dine musa sabai khau karaiko bubu nakhau ma bhokai hunchu dhuru dhuru runchu latta le hanchu

Pussy Willows – Nursary Rhyme

Update: A video of a 4-years-old child Elesh singing the Nursary Rhyme is attached below. Elesh doesn’t know how to play guitar but he is tying to capture the beat in his toy guitar. Traditional Rhyme I Know A Little Pussy I know a little pussy Her coat is silver gray She lives down in […]

Ka Kha Ga – Nepali alphabet song

A sweet song to help learn Nepali alphabet. Ka bata Kamal paanima fulne Kha bata Kharayo barima dulne Ga bata Gamala fula ropna jau Gha bata Ghara haami basne thau Watch the video song: Qf78w05n8t0