Nepali Story – Chhattu Shyal (Video & PDF)

A story about Jackal is written by Mandira Madhushree. The Level 4 book is produced by The Asia Foundation – Let’s Read. The Illustrator is Alina Chyantel.

This is a story of Chhattu who tries to steal food from people. A couple try to teach Chhattu lesson by punishing him for his crime. It is a popular folk tales among Tharu communities in Nepal. Watch the story in the video and you can also download the original story in the link below.

The writer Mandira Madhushree (Mandira Koirala) born in Bhojpur district had received a master’s degree in Nepali language and literature. She writes for teen and children. Being a full-time writer she writes novels for children and adult.

As a child she was influenced by the story of Shishir Basanta, the story of Madhumalati, the story of Sunkeshra Rani and the stories of Panch Tantra.

The illustrator Alina Chhantel is a self-taught visual artist. She is a full-time a book illustrator and social science researcher. She did her first book project in 2018 titled “Daring to Dream”. The story is about three brave Sherpa women and their ascent to Mt.K2.

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