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Akshaya Tritiya – Saatu and Sarbat day

April 29, 2017 is celebrated as Akshya Tritiya in Nepal. The day is significant to Hindu and Jain followers because it is the day Lord Parsurama was born. Parsurama is considered the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Parsurama was the song of Jamadagni and Renuka. Veda Vyas began to write Mahabharata. Lord Shiva and Parvati […]

Mother’s Day in Nepal

To respect and show love to the mother people in Nepal celebrate Mother’s day on the new moon day of Baisakh, the first month in Nepali calendar. The literal translation of Aamako Mukh Herne Din is “the day to see the mother’s face” is also known by the name Matatirtha Aunshi (मातातीर्थ औंशी). Those who […]

Tihar Festival – an introduction to Bhai Tika, Deepawali, Kaag Tihar, Kukur Tihar

Every year, in October/November, people in Nepal and Nepali all over the world celebrate Tihar festival. This year, in 2016, the five-days-long festival Tihar was completed on November 1. Some facts about Tihar festival Tihar is the second biggest festival in Nepal. (First biggest festival is Dashain.) Tihar is celebrated for 5 days. It is […]

6 Seasons in Nepal

In Western world there are 4 season. But, in Nepal there are 6 seasons. Two additional seasons in Nepal are Rainy Season and Pre-winter Season. Nepali seasons are 2-months long. 6 Seasons in Nepal: Basanta Ritu  (Spring) Grishma Ritu (Summer) Barsha Ritu (Rainy) Sharad Ritu (Autumn) Hemanta Ritu (Pre-winter) Shishir Ritu (Winter) Video summary of […]

Buddha Jayanti (Buddha Birthday)

The Buddha Jayanti is the day of the birth of Gautam Buddha. It was not only the day of his birth but also the day he was enlightened and also the day he left the world. Every important events of his days had fallen on the same day of the year – Baisakh Purnima. It […]

Tihar – Festival of Lights

तिहार तिहार नेपालीको एउटा ठूलो चाड  (पर्ब) हो | यो चाड पाँच दिन मनाइन्छ | यो चाड सेप्टेम्बर (September) अथवा अक्टूबर (October) महिनामा पर्छ | पहिलो दिन कागको पूजा गरिन्छ| यो दिनलाई काग तिहार भनिन्छ| काग ले बर्ष भरि राम्रो समाचार ल्याओस भनी यसको पूजा गरिन्छ | दोस्रो दिन कुकुरको पूजा गरिन्छ| यो दिनलाई कुकुर […]