A Aa – Vowels in Nepali language (Vowel song)

A song to help remember the vowels of Nepali language. The song has common words for the kids to remember the letters. The first letter is represented by pomegranate, the second letter by potato chips.

The materials used in the song include a water well, god, owl, wool, sage (rishi), number one, mirror, walnut, medicine, and grapes. Please comment on the song and suggest improvements.

There is another version of the song in internet:

अ (a) is pronounced as a default vowel, similar to a schwa.

आ (ā) is like the vowel a in father.

इ (i) is like the vowel in tin.

ई (ī) is like the vowel in see.

उ (u) is like the vowel in book.

ऊ (ū) is like the vowel in tool.

ऋ (rī) is like the vowel in ceen.

ए (e) is like the vowel in May except there is no diphthong.

ऐ (ai) is one of the only two diphthong vowels.

ओ (o) is like the vowel in hole.

औ (au) is the other diphthong vowel, also with varying pronunciation. It is often pronounced like the vowel in saw or awe.

These sounds are used in conjunction with the 36 consonants in Nepali alphabet. Although Ri is not officially included in Nepali alphabets, it is used in a lot of words like Prakriti, samridhdhi etc.

video songs:


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