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Love Story of Parijat Tree and Sun

There is an ancient story about the love between the Sun and Parijat flower. Plants love the sunlight, they thrive in sunlight. In thick forests, tall trees survive because of the sunlight they get and shorter ones don’t. Chlorophyll in the leaf use light to produce the essentials. Here is the story: The story is

National Paddy Day of Nepal (Asar 15)

Among various festival’s in Nepal, this is another agricultural festival celebrated to start the planting of rice. Ashad 15 (Asar 15) is considered the auspicious day to start rice planting for better crop production. The day has been celebrated for ages by the farmers in Nepal. On recognition of the tradition, Nepal government on 14

Sishir Basanta Ko Katha

Full story in Nepali Told by Sashai Guragain: English translation of the story : Once upon a time, there was a kingdom ruled by a brave King who had two lovely sons. The eldest son was named Sishir and the younger son was named Basanta. Both the King and the Queen were loved by the