Numbers in Nepali, handwritten and printed forms (1, 5, 8 and 9)

Nepali Numbers and English numbers are similar. They look similar and are drawn similarly. I had done a post on how to count in Nepali.

There are words to represent large Nepali numbers (the name of the number came from Sanskrit so they are similar in Sanskrit and Hindi).

One in Nepali looks like “१” in most printed form. But, a typical Nepali letter might be a little different in appearance. I have attached an image of number one:

Similarly, number 5 is different from what we type and what we usually write.

In the similar manner, writing 8 and typing 8 might also be different.

These difference can be seen in some printed text too because some font have one variant of 1, 5 and 8 and others have other variant of the shape. That is the reason everybody should know all the variants of those numbers. In the similar manner there are variants of letters.

One more number “9” also has two or variants. Nine in written form is not written like this “९” but it is more like one of the following shapes:

Giving information about these shapes, says, “The alternates are often used in Nepal and are considered more traditional, while the standard glyphs are more modern.”

Others numbers are similar in written and printed form .. २, ३, ४, ६, ७, and ०.

Zero is one of the most interesting numbers in counting. It means nothing and is empty on it’s own entity. But, when it is added with another number is has a very large significance.

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