Rajkumar Dikpal ko Katha (Story of Prince Dikpal)

This is a very ancient Nepali story written by Bodh Bikram Adhikari. Adhikari had collected very interesting folk tales from Nepal in the 1950s. A book titled ‘Nepali Dantya Katha’ is still one of the most popular stories in Nepal.

One of the most popular stories from the book was the story of Prince Dikpal. The story has two parts. The first is about the birth of the prince and how a yogi takes him to his cottage when he turned 16 years old.

The story goes like – A royal couple didn’t have any children. Once a Yogi visited their house. He gave the queen a fruit after she promised to return the child she bears after he turned 16 years ole. She got pregnant after she ate the fruit and Rajkumar Dikpal was born. The Yogi returned after he turned 16 years old. As promised the royal couple had to hand him over to the Yogi. At, first they gave him another young boy. The yogi found out he wasn’t the real prince after a short while. The prince faced a trouble at the Yogi’s cottage. The first part ends at the cottage.

Part 1 (The Yogi)

Part 2 (Sleeping Beauty)

The prince decided to go around and see the world before he returned back to his palace. On his way, he reached an empty city. The city was full of everything but no people to live there. While walking through the city he reached a palace where he saw a sleeping beauty. The beauty was the princess of the kingdom. The demons had taken over the city and she was the only person alive.

The prince and the princess fell in love and they plan to get rid of the demons. The story gives a very good account of how the princess helped the prince in his mission to rescue the princess. Watch the following video to know all the ups and downs of Prince Dikpal and if he could marry the princess.

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