Father’s Day (Nepal) 2019

It is Father’s Day in Nepal on 30th August 2019. Nepali people celebrate their traditional fathers’ day known as “Kushe Aunsi” and also known as Gokarna Aunsi by various celebration. The Father’s Day in Nepal is different from that in the Western World and it doesn’t fall on the same day every year. The details of Kushe Aaunshi, Moti Jayanti, Bauko Mukh Herne Din is given in the following introduction video:

Sons and daughters bring sweets, cakes and other delicious foods to their fathers to offer on the day and appreciate him for bring them to the world. Those who don’t have their father, offer foods by doing Shraddha Puja, a traditional method to offer foods to the deceased.

Kushe Aunshi

A plant, very important for puja and other religious events, is brought in home on this day. The plant is worshiped and kept in a sacred location in the home. In Hindu tradition kush grass and Tulashi (Holy basil), peepal tree and shaligram (ammonite stone) are worshiped as the symbols of Lord Bishnu.

Poet Moti Ram Bhatta was born on 1923 BS on the Kushe Aunshi day. In addition to birth, he also died on the same day 30 years later in 1953 BS. Although Moti Ram had a very short live, he has a huge contribution to the Nepali literature. He is credited for the introduction of Bhanubhakta Acharya – the first poet of Nepali language. Moti Ram made Bhanu Bhakta and his book ‘Ramayan’ popular by publishing the book and marketing it as one of the most important books. Nepal government has honored Moti Ram as Yug Kavi, the poet of the this age.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Nepali fathers.

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