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Nepali Varnamala – Vowel sounds

The following image contain the song to remember Vowel sounds of Nepali alphabets: A baaTa Anaar, Mitho Fal Khau Aa baaTa Aalu, Aalu chips banaun E baata enaara, paani line thau Ee baata eeshwor, dhogau unako paau U baata ullu, aandhero maa udane Oo baata oouna sweater bunne Rhi baata Rishi, gyani ra dhyani Tapasya

Nepali Vowels – Aa, Aaa Worksheets

The first vowel in Nepali language Aa is used in conjunction with every 36 consonants letters. For example the first letter in Nepali alphabet – Kaa (क) is made up of half “Kaa” and “Aa”. That is: Ka (क) = K (क्) + Aa (अ) Similarly, all other consonants in Nepal have ‘Aa’ attached with

Ka Kha Ga – Nepali Varnamala book

UPDATE: Purchase the Full Book here. Purchase Exercise book to practice the letters Free Sample of the book is also available. Details on consents and vowels of the Nepali alphabets are being prepared: Vowels (अ आ इ ..) A song to remember all the vowels. Work-sheets from the Varnamala book: A (अ) the first vowels