What is Holi, the festival of colour ? (Holi 2018)

The colourful festival ‘Holi’ is coming soon in Nepal. The festival is usually celebrated in March (It is on March 12 in 2017. The dates might slightly differ from year to year.)

An introduction to Holi and the reason behind the celebration of Holi:

Main features of Holi:

  • The festival marks the end of winter and the start of spring season.
  • People play with powders of different colours and water. The fun festival helps in the cordial relationship between people.
  • The festival is also the symbolic representation of the victory of good over bad people.

In different parts of Nepal, the festival is celebrated in two different days. In the hilly reason, it is celebrated in one day and the people of the Terai (lower plains region) celebrate it the next day.

After the winter, at the time of Holi the temperature gets warmer. That is one of the reasons playing with water is more fun and interesting at this time of the year. In addition to playing holi with family, different Holi programs are organized to have fun with a larger crowd.

Eating laddu and juice mixed with intoxicating “bhang” in them is also a tradition in different parts of Nepal.

To summarize – Holi or Fagu Purnima is a fun filled festival full of colour, food and festivity.

After watching the video you will know the answer to:

– What is the height of world’s shortest Chariot ?
– Why Holi is celebrated – is it to celebrate the victory of Ram over Rawan? Or is it about the burining of Holika, a demon? Or, is it the celebration of Krishna stealing the clothes of Gopini?
– When does Holi start and when does it end?
– What are the other names of Holi ? What is it called in Terai?
– What is the link between Buddha and Holi?


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