Saraswati Puja (2022) & is Brahma the husband of the Goddess?

This year the day of the Goddess of education – Saraswati falls on the 5th of February 2022. On the day, the goddess is worshipped by students and everybody else. As Saraswati is the goddess of education, music, sports and learning in general, people of every profession celebrate the day. In addition, people start a lot of things on the day. For example,

  • People start relationship – by getting married on the day.
  • People start education by teaching children the alphabets on Basanta Panchami.
  • People start new business by inaugurating the business on the day.
  • Learning new skills are also initiated on the day.

Saraswati is the representation of mother – the first teacher of every child. While male (father) go to hunting, the mother tends the children at home. The mother not only teaches children to talk, walk, eat and love, she also taught the ways of life like hunting and safe-keeping the family and their properties.

According to Hindu scriptures – Saraswati is a river. It was the river on which banks the Sages wrote the main book of Hindu religion – Veda.

According to Puran texts – Saraswati was married to Brahma. Actually she was one of the creations of Brahma. Like Shiva was married to Parvati and he gave his body’s left side to Parvati, Vishnu was married to Goddess Laxmi and gave his heart to her. Similarly, Brahman was married to Saraswati and he gave his tongue to her.

Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe and Saraswati, the Goddess of knowledge, skill and creativity – lived together in their own Brahmaloka. Some say that Saraswati was just the helper (a consort or associate) of Brahma in his enormous task of creating the universe and everything within.

The marriage or the association is explained in the manner people can understand but, in reality they are the representatives of male aspect and female aspects of everything. For example the task of the creation of materialistic world and impart intelligence for creation is the co-work of Brahma & Saraswati. And, to keep everything in equilibrium the role of Vishnu & Lakshmi is important and finally for annihilation there are Shiva & Paravati.

Brahma in association with Saraswati, created Dakshas and Prajapathis. The ancestors of human race, seven sages were evolved from Dakshas and Prajapathis. As the humans were evolved from seven sages; each sage is assigned certain gotra. That is the reason, Hindus don’t marry within the same gotra, even though they are not cousins.

In Puranic Texts – a wife of a deity is his shakti (power). For example, Surya – the solar deity – has two wives named Sandhya and Chhaya. Sun is complimented by Sandhya – a representation of the transition between a day and a night. Chhaya on the other hand represents reflection and shadow.

More about the festival was posted in 2018.

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