English Alphabet – Kalo Akshar Bhaisi Barabar

In Nepali language, there is a popular saying, “Kalo Akshyar Bhaisi Barabar” …

That means, the black alphabets (printed alphabets in black) are like buffalo. For an illetrate, who doesn’t know the alphabets, all you can see is shapes but, don’t know what they mean.  A lot of people who haven’t gone to school are like that. To reduce such people in Nepal, government has introduced senior schools (Praud Sikshya). These school teach alphabets to mother, father, grand mother, grandfathers of children.

Like Nepal, similar saying is popular in India in Hindi – “Kala Akshyar Bhais Barabar”. May be the Nepali version is an exact translation of Hindi saying or vice-versa.

On the international literacy day, this poster was published for awareness:

A – Aaa gai bhais (aayo bhaisi)

B – Bhaag gai bhais (bhaagyo bhaisi)

C – Choti bhais (sikute bhaisi)

D – Do Bhais (duita bhaisi)

E – Ek Bhais (euta bhaisi)

F – Fir ek bhais (pheri euta bhaisi)

G – Gili bhais (goro goro bhaisi)

H – Hanfati bhais (Hunkarne bhaisi)

I – Itarati bhais (Ijjatadaar bhaisi)

J – Jogan Bhais (Jsilo bhaisi)

K – Kali bhais (Kalo bhaisi)

L – Lootgai bhais (lau ke bho bhaisi)

M – Meri Bhais (mero bhaisi)

N – Naachati bhais (naachne bhaisi)

O – O Teri ki bhais (O la la bhaisi)

P – Pagal bhais (paagal bhaisi)

Q – Kunwari Bhais (Kuwanri Bhaisi)

R – Ragmati Bhais (Runche bhaisi)

S – Sarmati Bhais (Sarmaaune bhaisi)

T – Teri Bhais (timro bhaisi)

U – Ulti Bhais (Ulto bhaisi)

V – Biwaihit bhais (bhijeko bhaisi)

W – Wo dekho bhais (wo kho bhaisi)

X – Christmas wali bhais (Christmas ko bhaisi)

Y – Ye kaisi bhais (yo kasto bhaisi)

Z -  jindawad bhais (jindawad bhaisi)


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