Nepali Vowels Worksheets – i, ii

The third vowel in Devnagari lipi is ‘i’ (pronounced ye) and fourth is ‘ii’. They are used in conjunction with all the 36 consonants of Nepali alphabet. As both the third and fourth vowels sound same people are usually confused on using the right vowel for a sound. Although there are rules, they are vague.

These letters look complicated until one learns to write them. The process of writing ‘i’ is given in the worksheet.

for example:

Ka (क) + i( ि) = Ki (कि)
Ka (क) + ii(ी) = Kii (की)

and so on …

The following worksheet can be used to practice Nj

Vowels – A

The first consonant – Ka

The second Consonent – Kha

More alphabets will be coming soon.

Words starting with इ are:

Ilaka, Ishwor, Ishara, India, Ebook, English etc.


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