Teacher’s Day in Nepal, Guru Purnima

On July 9, 2017 Guru Purnima festival (Teacher’s Day) is being celebrated in Nepal to honour all teachers. The festival falls on the full-moon day of Ashadh month of Nepali calendar (June-July). Traditionally, Guru is the person who first teaches a child to learn the scared gayatri mantra during bratabandha (sacred thread) ceremony. That was considered the start of the reading and writing for the child.

In Sanskrit, “Guru” means a person who removes darkness of ignorance and gives the light of knowledge to a person. (“Gu” = Darkness and “ru” = light) On Guru Purnima festival, schools, colleges and other organizations celebrate by organizing programs to pay respect to the teachers.

The day is also Byas Jayanti – the birth anniversary of the sage Ved Byas. Ved Byas is believed to have written the 18 puranas and 18 upapuranas that explain the four vedas.

Students often organize fanfares in schools to appreciate the hard work done by their teachers. This is taken as a great opportunity to consolidate the bond of teacher-student relationships.

Teacher’s Day in other countries

It is not only in Nepal, Teacher’s day are being observed in almost all countries in the world. The Day however fall in different days of the year.

In Canada – World Teachers’ Day is celebrated every year on October 5. More than 100 countries around the world celebrate the Teacher’s Day on that day.

In the USA: The National Teacher Day is on Tuesday during Teacher Appreciation Week, which takes place in the first full week of May.

In Australia the Teacher’s Day is celebrated on the last Friday in October.

Happy Teacher’s Day to all the teachers in Nepal.

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