Dashain Festival (2021)

Dashain is considered the biggest festival of Nepal. Most of the schools in Nepal are closed for a month-long vacation during the festival. Everything in Nepal is halted as the government offices also close for about a week to celebrate the festival.

In the year 2021, Dashain festival’s 10 days starts on October 7, 2021. The first day is the day of Jamara plantation and Ghatasthapana. Ghata is the water pot, set aside for the good omen. Jamara are yellow plants kept in dark so that they remain yellow. For that barley seeds and maize seeds are planted. More details on the day is presented in the post An introduction to Ghatasthapana.

Dashain is the celebration of the victory over bad things. There is a story of Goddess Durga’s victory over Mahisasur, a demon. Another story is about Rama’s victory over Ravana.

Here are a couple of stories of Dashain:

Dashain nursery rhyme for kids (start at the little finger):
dashain aayo children song nepaliclass

The story of the rhyme is that the little finger was very excited by the upcoming the Dashain festival. It says – “Here comes Dashain” (“Dashain Aayo” in Nepali)

The next finger, the ring finger is also very excited about the festival. It is excited to eat the special foods and the new clothes that the kids get during the festival. So it says, “We will eat and drink.” (“Khaula piula” in Nepali)

The next finger, the middle one is not as optimistic as the little finger or the ring finger. The middle finger has a worried expression, full of doubt, “Where shall we get them? (“Kaha paula?” in Nepali)

The next finger, the index finger has a odd solution, “We will steal” (“Chori lyaula.” in Nepali)

The last finger, the thumb is totally shocked by the index finger’s statement. So, the thumb decided to stay away from the thief. “You crook, I will stay away from you.” (“Dhat papi, chuttai basaulaa.” in Nepali)

Dashain words

  • औंला – (Aaunla) – finger
  • चोरी – (Chori) – steal
  • खानु – (Khanu) – Eat
  • पिउनु – (Piunu) – Drink
  • लुगा – (Luga) – Cloth
  • पापी – (Papi) – Sinner
  • बस्नु – (Basnu) – stay, sit, seated

Dashain Foods:

  • सेल रोटी – (Sel Roti) – Doughnut shaped, but thinner, rice flour bread
  • मासु – (Masu) – Meat
  • मिठाइ – (Mithai) – Sweets
  • फलफुल – (Falful) – Fruits

The following song titled ‘Dashain Aayo…” is taken from Nepali movie ‘Muglan’:

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