Balaram Jayanti – strange facts about Krishna’s elder brother

Today, August 29, 2021 is Balram Jayanti, the birthday of Lord Krishna’s elder brother. Balram was a sibling born to his step mother. Conceived by Krishna’s mother – Devaki but, later transferred to Rohini’s womb. So, Rohini gave birth to Balram.

Conceived by one woman. Transferred to another woman for growth in womb and giving birth is similar to the current modern-day medical term – surrogacy pregnancy. It is interesting that such a modern medical innovation was thought of in age old literature in the story that had happened some 5,000 years ago.

After the birth of the child, the Guru had named the child Rama. As he was very brave, he was called Balshali Ram. He was later named Balaram – a very strong Ram.

Here is the story of Balram’s birth.

Balram and Krishna together fight against Kansha, the maternal uncle of Krishna-Balram duo.

Image of Krishna beating Kansha and Balram watching the action

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