Shivaratri, The day of Shiva

Feb 28, 2022 is Shiva Ratri in Nepal, the festival of Shiva. The night of Shiva Ratri or Mahashivaratri, is celebrated as the day of Shiva and devotees stay up all night outside around fire. In Kathmandu, Pashupati temple is filled with people from all over Nepal and foreign countries.

Shiva is considered half-male and half-female god. One part is the nature and the other half is the god. In Hindu mythology, all gods are some forms of natural materials. For example Brahma is the Universe (Brahamanda). Sun, moon, stars, trees, animals are all considered some forms of gods.

They say, it always rain on Shivaratri day because of the month being the 11th month – Falgun is the month of Kumbha (Aquarius). The sign is a water filled pitcher. That is told to be the reason it rains on the day.

It is Nepal Army’s day in Nepal :
Here is the history of Nepal army and Pashupati

There is a story of Shiva’s creation and more details of every aspects of Shiva in the following video:

Shivaratri falls on the 11th luni-solar month of Nepali calendar. The day falls on the month’s 13th night/14th day. It is usually on February/March (Fabun) at the time of the arrival of spring. Maha means Great and Shivaratri is the Night of Shiva.

Maha Shivaratri celebration includes
– maintaining a “jaagaran” – all-night awaking and singing and praying.
– Shaiva Hindus say this is the night to “overcome darkness and ignorance”
– Shiva is offered fruits, leaves, sweets and milk
– Some practice all-day fasting
– Vedic or tantric worship of Shiva
– Meditative Yoga
– The Shiva mantra to be used is “Om Namah Shivaya”

Some celebrate Maha Shivaratri for three or ten days. In general, it is a night and a day festival with lot of fun. Happy Shivaratri to you.

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