A classroom of the favorite topic, Buddhi Sagar

On his 34th birthday (June 2, 2014) noted writer Buddhi Sagar wrote the following article. The article written in simple Nepali is easy to read and understand. In this article he talks about how being a failure didn’t deter from what he loves most. He talks about how bad he was in his studies and how nobody understood him.

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As a child, Buddhi Sagar wasn’t a good student. He talks about relativity. If we are happy, time lapses fast and when we are not happy of the surroundings time also slows down. Buddhi Sagar gives an example of a classroom. If the topic of the classroom is interesting we don’t realize how fast time pass, and if the topic of not that interesting it will take forever to complete the same topic. When the writer looks back to his life, he found that it was a life in the "classroom of the favorite topic".

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buddhi sagar childhood photo

A childhood photo of Buddhi Sagar

In this page Buddhi Sagar talks about his school life. He was one of the backbenchers who didn’t understand the lectures. He didn’t have the courage to ask teachers the questions and he used to be punished by the teachers for not knowing the obvious. As the time passed, he became even less interested and less knowledgeable.

Later, he started enjoying reading books – not the course books but, literature books. He started reading comics books and detective novels.

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Buddhi Sagar and his family moved to Kalikot. The school in Kalikot was even worse. He had no interest in school works.

He started writing poems and send them to radio. When the poems were broadcasted in radio, he became popular as a poet. At first, his father was proud of his son. But, later he was afraid his son won’t be a doctor or an engineer. Everybody wanted their children to be doctors or engineers because people in these profession can earn a lot of money.

In SLC Buddhi Sagar passed in second division. He had already chosen his destiny. He wanted to go to the capital city, Kathmandu and struggle to become a writer.

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He started writing. But as the roots were weak, he had to work hard. But, he was happy to write.

Most of his friends listened to their well-wishers and ended up unhappy. He thought of himself and is happy.


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One day, he realized he hadn’t told about his plans to his family. During Dashain festival when he was at home he told about his future plan to be a writer. He told about his blueprint of being a writer. His family members understood him. He continued to write – success followed him. He didn’t go around looking for job. Job knocked at his door and he worked in newspaper and wrote there.

When he wrote ‘Karnali Blues’ it became very successful.

In his 34 years-long life Buddhi Sagar doesn’t feel like he has worked at all. He had been enjoying his life fulfilling his passion – writing. That is why he thinks his life is like a classroom of his favorite topic.

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