Chaite Dashain (The second Dashain festival of Nepal)

According the the belief, the actual Dashain festival used to be in April/May. In Nepal, this is the summer time. People used to celebrate Dashain with a lot of meat and foods. Because of the change in weather parties during the festival used to cause problem to people. People easily get sick after the festival and it was not easy to travel far during the summer days. That was the reason, people decided summer was not a right time to celebrate Dashain festival. The festival was moved to Ashoj month – right after the summer but before the cold months.

People all over the world celebrate Chaite Dashain. Mostly people of India, Bangaladesh and Myanmar celebrate Chaite Dashain as Navaratri festival. On the Asthami, people go to various Durga temples in Kathmandu. The temples to visit during Dashain festival in Kathmandu Valley are :

  1. Guheshwori
  2. Dakshinkali
  3. Shova Bhagawati
  4. Rakta Kali
  5. Naksal Bhagawari
  6. Maitidevi
  7. Sankata
  8. Bajrabarahi
  9. Taleju Bhawani

In addition people visit Bagalamukhi temple in Patan.

According to the ancient belief, Rama had returned to Ayodha after spending 14 years in jungle as per his father’s order. During that time he had fought Ravan and killed him to rescue his wife Sita. After such a struggle when Rama returned back well and healthy the people of Ayodha celebrated for his health. That was how Dashain celebration started.

On that day people eat good food, meat and worship Durga goddess in temples.


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