English vegetable names and Nepali equivalent

We have collected some vegetable names and translated them to Nepali. These are not all, please suggest more names to be added in the list.

Correction – Please read Jalapeño instead of Jalapino and Mexcian instead of Mexicon in the following list. (Thanks aracely khand for pointing out the mistakes)

vegetable names_nepali

Some addition:


Angled Luffa Gourd – Patee Gheeraula (पाटे घीरौला)
Angled luffa is called pate-gheeraula, is also known as ridged luffa, angled gourd, or Chinese okra. It is long and narrow gourd, with sharply ribbed skin. Only the young or immature luffa is used for cooking, once mature they develop a sponge-like fibrous texture and becomes bitter.

Smooth Luffa Gourd – Gheeraula – (घीरौला)
The smooth luffa is also known as silk gourd, sponge gourd, or toriya and is an extremely popular vegetable in Nepal. It resembles a long cucumber with a smooth green skin marked by fine longitudinal lines. The young gourd is sweet with a delicate and distinctive taste.

sponge luffa gouard


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