Dashain – Poem by Lekhnath Poudel (English translation and Video)

This is a beautiful poem by the noted Nepali poet, Lekhnath Poudel. Lekhnath is known to compose well versed poems.

Poem :

A rough translation of the poem:

All the mud and dirt has gone
Rain has got lost
Goddess is worshiped
and the shower of happiness

Everywhere, everybody says
Here comes Dashain, here comes Dashain
with this talk in town
all the problems are lost.

Every young and adult say
Dashain is very good
among all the festivals
this is the best of all.

Everybody is very happy
on the Dashain swing.
Everybody is wearing
a bright and happy face.

Poem in Nepali:

dashain poem by lekhnath poudel

dashain swing

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