Grade 10 Science – Force, Gravity, Electricity, Magnetism (Physics in Nepali)

This tutorial is prepared for the students of Grade 10 in Nepal. The audio visual material is prepared for the virtual teaching. This video is about Force and Gravity – 1 in Science, Physics. The teacher is Rabina Maharjan. (Force in Nepali is called – Ball)

This video is shared for the students of Nepali origin who have know what force is and want to know how to explain the terms and technology in Nepali language.

Topics covered in the video:

  • What is force ?
  • What is gravitational force?
  • The formula of gravitational force
  • Solution to the question: The weight of Earth is 6×10^24 kg and the radius is 6400 km. If a person in a weighted 977 N, what is the mass of the person? Take the acceleration due to gravity 6.67×10^-11 Nm2/kg2.
  • Solution to - The mass of Jupiter is 1.9×10^27 kg and the mass of Sun is 2×10^30 kg. The Sun is 78×10^7 km away from Jupiter. Find the force of gravitation between them.

Topics covered in Force and Gravity 2

  • Definition of the force of gravity
  • Effects of gravitational force
  • Solution to : The mass of the Moon is 7.2×10^22 kg and the radius is 1.7X10^6, what is the acceleration of gravity of the Moon? How much does a man of 70 kg mass weight in the Moon?
  • Difference between the Mass and the Weight.

Current Electricity and Magnetism – Part 1

  • What is current electricity?
  • What is AC and DC ?
  • Battery and Cell ?
  • Series and parallel connection
  • Electricity load
  • Effects of electricity

Current Electricity and Magnetism – Part 2

  • Electromagnets, how electromagnets are used effectively
  • Why electromagnet is a temporary magnet?
  • How door bell works?
  • Supply of electricity to homes
  • MCB, fuse

Current Electricity and Magnetism – Part 3

  • Fuse
  • How to calculate the cost of electricity
  • Galvanometer

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