Rice Day – Asar 15, Dahi – Chiura Day

A traditional festival of Nepal that falls on the 15 of the Nepali month Ashad is the festival of rice. On the day people eat beaten rice with yoghurt (called Dahi Chiura in Nepali). This festival has been officially recognized by the Nepal government in the year 2062 BS and was named the Dhan Diwas (Paddy Day).

According to popular belief, if one touches wet mud on this day, one would be healthy, would earn good omen and will get recognition in the society.

Actually it is the indication that the rainy season has started. The farmers start to plant paddy on their fields. As rice needs a lot of water rice plant is planted in the field filled with water. It is the start of the work season. People get busy in their fields. On the day, some people play musical instruments and sing traditional songs.

In addition to singing songs about life and work, youth boys and girls sing about love and relationship. Some express their feelings towards the one they are chasing for. The ropai festival is very fun filled and interesting. People splash each other by mud and they get dirty while having fun and getting the work done. This is a very interesting tradition to make work more fun that the work.

Ashar 14 Words:

Ashad (आषाढ) – The third month of Nepali calendar after Jestha and before Shrawan.

Pandhra (पन्ध्र / १५) – The number 15 in Nepali language

Dahi (दही) – Curd / yoghurt

Chiura (चिउरा) – Beaten Rice

Khet (खेत) – Field

Dhan (धान) – Rice in it’s cover, Paddy

Hilo (हिलो)- Very wet mud

Ropnin (रोपाइँ) – planting

Ropaar (रोपार) – The people who plant rice

Bause (बाउसे) –

Hali (हली) –

These days, farmers are reducing and the festival is turning into a commercaal business. In Kathmandu, there aren’t many places to enjoy. Politicians, film artists, well known personalities.

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