National Anthem of Nepal (video & music notes)

Before 2007, the Nepali National Anthem was about the King and the kingdom. When the parliament decided to end the rule of King in Nepal, new National anthem was adopted on August 3, 2007. A competition was held among the writers of the song before the final selection was made among the participants. The judging committee had selected the lyrics written by Byakul Maila. The poet Byakul Maila, whose real name is Pradeep Kumar Rai, became an instant celebrity.
Musician Ambar Gurung composed the music of the song.

national anthem of nepal

English Translation of Nepal’s National Anthem :

This is unofficial translation prepared for This translation is written such that is can be sung in the original tune.

Woven from hundred flowers, we are garland Nepali
Sovereignly extended from Mechi to Mahakali
Millions of natural beauties, history like a shawl
bloods of the braves makes it free and immotile

Land of peace, knowledge in the plains, hills and mountains
One-piece beloved country, motherland Nepal
races, languages, religions, cultures in-credible
Progressive our nation, I salute Nepal-aa !

Nepali rastriya gaan (romanized Nepali)

Sayaun thunga phoolka haami, eutaai maala Nepali
Saarbhabhaum bhai phailiyeka, Mechi-Mahaakaali
Sayaun thunga phoolka haami, eutai maala Nepali
Saarbhabhaum bhai phailiyekaa, Mechi-Mahaakaali

Prakritikaa koti-koti sampadaako aanchala
bir haruko ragaatale, swatantra ra aatala

Gyanabhumi, shaantibhumi, taarai, paahad, himaala
Akhanda yo pyaro hamro, maatribhumi Nepala

Bahul jati, bhasha, dharma, sanskriti chhan bishaala
Agragami rastra hamro, jaya jaya Nepalaaa

Notation of the National Anthem:

Old national anthem (during the rule of the king):

Latin transcription
Śri mān gambhira nepāli
prachanda pratāpi bhupati
Śri pānch sarkār mahārājādhirājako
sadā rahos unati
Rākhun cirāyu īśalē
Prajā phailiyōs
Pukārau jaya prēmalē
Hāmī nēpālī sārālē

English translation
May glory crown you, courageous Sovereign,
You, the gallant Nepalese,
Shri Pānch Māhārājādhirāja, our glorious ruler,
May he live for many years to come,
And may the number of his subjects increase,
Let every Nepalese sing this with joy.

This anthem was written by Chakrapani Chalise, in 1924, based on a music composed by Bakhat Bahadur Budhapirthi. The anthem was adopted in 1967 and relinquished in 2006.

During the reign of prime minster Bir Shumshere Jung Bahadur Rana, a national anthem was suggested to be composed for the king and the prime minister, for the military band to play. The music for both the King and the Prime Minister were composed by the military band under the leadership of Dr. AM Pathan. The King’s anthem was called “Shree Paanchko Salaami” and the Rana Prime Minister’s anthem was called “Shree Teenko Salaami.”

Although there is no definitive information about who had composed the anthem, some claim that the anthem was composed by a member of Pathan’s band, Bakhat Bahadur Budhapirthi.

After the tunes were finalized, words to match the tunes were assigned to a poet, Chakrapani Chalise, by the superintendent of the Nepali Language Publications Committee.

But, as soon as the Rana prime minister’s rule was abolished in 1951 and the Shree Teenko Salaami wasn’t used any more. The King’s anthem was promoted as the National anthem of Nepal.

The original anthem was a bit longer. To make it the National anthem, a part was removed and was included in the constitution promulgated in 1962 by the king. The second stanza, the part that was dropped, was mainly king’s eulogy. After the anthem was made into the law, it was mainly used in schools and film halls. Everyday students in the schools used to sing National Anthem first thing in the morning. Films in film halls and other public functions also started with the National anthem.

(First published on August 15, 2016, updated on August 12, 2018)

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