Dashain Aayo, Nepali children song (nursery rhyme)

Dashain is the biggest festival in Nepal. The school kids in Nepal get a month-long vacation during the festival. The government offices also close for a week during the festival.

In the festival, a typical nursery rhyme adults tell their kids is as follows :

dashain aayo children song nepaliclass

Pinky finger (little finger) is very excited about the upcoming the Dashain festival. It says – “Dashain Aayo” (meaning “Dashain has come!”)

The ring finger is equally excited. Dashain means special foods and the new clothes, the parents buy for their kids. It says, “Khaula piula” (translates into – “will eat and drink.”)

The middle finger is not as optimistic as the little or the ring finger. The middle finger is a bit worried and expresses it’s doubt, “Kaha paula?” (meaning “Where shall I get them?” )

The index finger has the solution, “Chori lyaula.” (means, “will steal.”)

The thumb is shocked by the index finger’s decision to steal. The thumb says that it is not willing stay with the thief, “Dhat papi, chuttai basaulaa.” (meaning, “Oh sinner, I will stay away from you.”)

In addition to this nursary rhyme, a sweet little poem on Dashain by Lekhnath Poudel might also interest you.

The following song titled ‘Dashain Aayo…” is taken from Nepali movie ‘Muglan’:

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