Major Newari Festivals of Kathmandu

Major Newar Festivals of Kathmandu that have public festivities are:

  • Bisket Jatra – April
  • Gahana Pokhari Jatra – March / April
  • Sithi Nakha – May / June
  • Gatha Muga – July
  • Gai Jatra Festival – August
  • Indra Jatra – August / September
  • Rato Machhindranath Jatra – September
  • Mha Puja and New Year – October / November
  • Yomari Punhi – November / December

Newar community are known for their variety in foods and regular feasts on festivals called Jatra. Apart from food, the jatra are full of music and traditional dances. In Kathmandu valley and other parts of Nepal people go out to celebrate street festivals or carnival all around the year.

Bisket Jatra is celebrated during the Nepali New year in April. The festival is a major attraction of Bhaktapur every year.

Sithi Nakha marks the start of monsoon. In the festival people clean the water sources like stone water taps, wells, spouts, and tube wells. Chatamari (Newari pancakes) and Bara are the major food items to eat during Sithi Nakha.

Gathaamuga Jatra – is a jatra to chase away the bad things in people. They celebrate the good deeds and destroy the bade stuffs.

Gaijatra is another fun filled festival held in Kathmandu streets.

Indra Jatra is one of the most elaborate religious street festivals of Kathmandu. The festival is full of music, dance and feast. Lakhe Dance is the major attraction of the festival.

Rato Machhindranath Jatra – is another huge festival with fun filled crowd pulling a huge and tall chariot along the Kathmandu streets. The cheering of crowd and the fun filled celebration is fun.

Mha Puja and New Year Mha Puja is worshiping the self. It is an unique tradition to think about oneself and worship. That is also the start of the Newari year – Nepal Sambat. The celebration is held on the 4th day of Tihar.

Yomari Punhi – A festival to eat body warming food during the cold November/December months is fun.

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